Olga Kalogriadou

Olga kalogriadouOlga Kalogriadou is the Artistic Director of PrimeArt. She began her career as a classical guitarist. In 1979 she graduated from the National Conservatory with honors and she was also the recipient of the A prize. She studied with a scholarship at the Music Academy in Siena (Diploma di Merito) and holds the Performer's Diploma from Trinity College of Music in London. She has appeared as a soloist and as a member of musical ensembles in Greece and abroad and has taught for more than ten years in well-known Greek conservatories.

During 1992-1998 she worked as a Production Coordinator and Assistant to the Artistic Director for the Artistic Production Department of Athens Megaron. She has participated in European conferences and seminars on cultural activities and educational programs.


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