European Cultural Center of Delphi


July 14-19, 1998
Symposium of Ancient Greek Drama
Artistic Director Nikos Koundouros

1.  "ORESTES" by the dance group "THEATROKINISI"
2.  "POUR ANTIGONE" by the National Center for Choreography in Montpellier
3.  "BACCHAE" by the Indian Dance Centre "KATHAKALI" world premiere,
     commissioned by the European Cultural Centre of Delphi
4.  "The GREAT ALEXANDER" by renowned performer of Bansuri Hariprasad
     Chaurasia in World Premiere
5.  "BACCHAE" Dance-drama based on the tragedy by Sophocles from the
     Beijing opera
6.  "MEDEA" Dance-drama inspired by the tragedy by Euripides from the opera
     HOBEI BANGZI of China
7.  "CLYTEMNESTRA" - Dance and Speech by Lia Meletopoulou
8.  "SOURCES" Word-Music by Aris Retsos and the Music Worksho "Ancient Member"
9.  "FROM RITUALS IN ANCIENT DRAMA" of Sotiris Hatzakis
10.  "MEDEA " Proposal of Reading and Analysis of the Myth from Christa Wolf,
     directed by Nikos Diamandis and choreographed by Dora Tsatsou    

International Meeting of Music

July 6-11, 1999
International Meeting of Music

Artistic Director George Couroupos

1.  J. PERI: "EURYDICE" stage opera directed by Maria Gyparaki World Premiere,
     commissioned by the European Cultural Centre of Delphi
2.  ANTIGONI GONI, guitar recital
3.  "ECHO-THEASIS" modern music happenings directed by Roula Paterakis
4.  LE SANG DES LABDACIDES: "LAIOS" stage production by the du Lierre
     directed by Farid Paya
5.  A TRIBUTE TO IANNIS CHRISTOU under the musical direction of
     Theodore Antoniou
6.  "MYTHS AND HEROES IN OPERA" with soloists Sonia Theodoridou,
     Katerina Economou, Alexandra Papatziakou, Dimitri Kavrakos,
     Vangelis Chatzisimo and the Orchestra of Colors under the direction of      
     Miltos Logiadis

Themis Bazaka


Apostolia Papadamaki

July 12, 2002

Lyric tragedy by George Couroupos in texts by Ioulita Iliopoulou.
Actress: Themis Bazaka, Soprano: Sonia Theodoridou,
Baritone: Tasos Apostolou, Direction: Apostolia Papadamaki,
Set Designer: Kenny MakLelan, Men's Choir under the direction of Nikos Vasiliou, Orchestra of Colors under the direction of Miltos Logiadis.

Commissioned by the K.P.P.E. Municipality of Veria "The Human Voice"
in collaboration with the European Cultural Centre of Delphi

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