European Cultural Center of Delphi

Igor Zelensky

July 9, 2003
"Apollo Musagetes"

Choreography by Georges Balanchine and music by Igor Stravinsky,
principal dancer Igor Zelensky and the soloists from the ballet Mariinsky
Elvira Tarassova, Yana Serebraikova & Irina Peren                                                

George Couroupos

July 5, 2005
"Pericles' Epitaph"

A staged music performance by George Couroupos narrated by Yannis Fertis
and soloists Marilena Dori (flute), Elena Papandreou (guitar),
Michael Diakogiorgi
(percussion) directed by John Lapatas and scenery
by Dora Lelouda

Shangilia Choir

July 9, 2006
Children's Choir "Shangilia"

Music performance from Nairobi, Kenya, directed by Lee Breuer

Kiev Gala

July 14, 2007

Principal dancers from the Kiev ballet
in choreographies inspired by ancient Greek legends based on the woman

Elli Paspala

July 6,2008
"Ode to Nature"

Concert by Elli Paspala and the group "Omadiki Apodrasi"

Crossroads Project

July 5-12, 2010
"The Sound of Percussion-
Crossroads Project

1.  Master classes and lectures by Dimitris Desyllas and Petros Kourtis.
2.  Concert with the percussion ensembles TYPANA & DRUMVOICE
     at Phrynichos Theater

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