Theaters All Over Greece


Ancient Olympia - Floka Theater


August 25, 2000
Hungarian folk band "Rajko"                                                            

Ballet Flamenco Cristina Hoyos

July 8, 2001 
Ballet Flamenco Cristina Hoyos

"A tiempo y a compass"


Veria - Arts Centre

Sonia Theodoridou

October 16, 1999
Opera Gala

with the soloist Sonia Theodoridou and the Thessaloniki State Orchestra under the direction of Spiros Pissynos for the inauguration of the Arts Centre

The Human Voice

May 8-19, 2002
"The Human Voice"

1.  "PROMETHEUS" with Street - School of Jesters
2.  Greek Byzantine Choir
3.  Chronis Aidonidis
4.  "Techn-o-pera"
5.  "Edo Lilipoupoli"
6.  "Magnus Eroticus" by Manos Hadjidakis
7.  Songs from the Greek Movies
8.  Savina Yannatou and the Primavera en Salonico
9.  "Symphony No. 9" by L. Van Beethoven with the Orchestra and Choir of
     the National Opera of Moldova


July 15, 2002

Lyric tragedy in music by Giorgos Couroupos and texts by Ioulita Iliopoulou at the Municipal of Alsos “M. Mercouri” (commissioned by the K.P.P.E. of Veria "The Human Voice" in collaboration with the European Cultural Centre of Delphi)

Master Class - Christa Ludwig

November 3-9, 2002

Master class for opera & lied for young talented singers with the famous mezzo soprano Christa Ludwig. A concert which was given by the 12 awarded students

Opera Gala

November 27, 2002
Opera Gala

In honor of Jeanette Piliou as part of the events of the program "The Human Voice" with the Symphony Orchestra of Thessaloniki under the direction of Nikos Tsouchlos. Soloists: Maria Vlachopoulou, Philipos Dellatolas, Dialehti Kabakou, Eleni Katerini, Elena Marangou, Artemis Bogri Costas Rafailidis, Lucia Spanaki


December 14, 2002
Christmas Concert

with religious hymns and excerpts from "Messiah" of Haendel, in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Ioannina.

The Human Voice

March-May 2003
"The Human Voice"

1.  Orchestra of Colors - Sonia Theodoridou (29 March)
2.  Stamatis Kraounakis - Spira- Spira (2 April)
3.  "The Green Mouskari-o" (5 & 6 April)
4.  Juan Jose Mosalini & "Grand Orchestre de Tango" (9 April)
5.  "Bacchae" by Euripides - Theatrokinissi (22 May)
6.  Greek National Opera – Opera for children "Magic Flute"
     by W. A. Mozart (25 & 26 May)

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